Prime Minister

Coup Complete: Globalist Rishi Sunak Installed as Prime Minister

The coup to install a technocratic globalist government in Westminster is now complete as former Goldman Sachs banker Rishi Sunak was invited to form a new government by King Charles III on Tuesday morning, after the parliamentary Conservative Party, alongside financial institutions, and the legacy media moved with astonishing speed to overthrow the short-lived Truss

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There Is Nothing ‘Conservative’ About the Conservative Party, and Probably Never Has Been

By Dylan Roberts In the latest episode of the UK’s political soap-opera, the Conservative Party, have installed as Prime Minister an unelected billionaire linked to the World Economic Forum, with strong family ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s plans for digital tyranny. The “most successful political party in history” looks politically, morally, and philosophically bankrupt,

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No Cheers for Liz Truss

By Dylan Roberts In his farewell speech, Boris Johnson said: “The people who got Brexit done, the people who delivered the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe, and never forget, 70 per cent of the entire population got a dose within six months. Faster than any comparable country. That’s government for you, that’s Conservative government. People

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