Ray Wilson

The Last Time My Brother-in-law Saw a GP, Was to Get a Covid Shot

By Ray Wilson Motorcycle Emptiness My brother-in-law used to look more like Frohike than he does now—the same substantial build, surprising agility in tight corners. Quick-witted, jokey, and volatile— fascinated with cars and super fast motorcycles—but things have changed. He was the one who told me about water for octane. He disassembled complete motorcycle engines

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By Ray Wilson The Seebackroscope was popular in the 1950s; I confess mine is lost. It was part of a junior detective’s toolkit. The idea was that, while seemingly looking forward, you could use one eye to view behind you. This strategy is a useful concept that has applications for us today, looking back to

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The Phenomenon

By Ray Wilson It’s a warm early morning with unblemished blue skies—you can feel the energising heat of the sun on your skin. I tap lightly on the satin glass caravan door. A clear plastic wallet is taped to the door; it reads “Notice to Quit.” “Okay, mate,” I shout. There is a rummaging noise

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