Alexander Tschugguel Details Austria’s Terrifying Covid Tyranny

Alexander Tschugguel shares the terrifying covid tyranny coming out of Austria and the resistance movement that’s fighting against it. (RealAmericasVoice/Rumble) The rosary is a strong, meditative prayer based on events in the Gospel. Throughout history people have been praying the rosary to fend off enemies, in moments of great need, for their families and for

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Omicron Symptoms Unbelievably Mild – So, What Are the Restrictions for?

Dr Laurence Gerlis backs the Government’s decision not to introduce any new covid restrictions to tackle the Omicron variant. (GBNews/YT) Laurence Fox, leader of the Reclaim Party suggests in the video below, it’s not about a virus but the transference of wealth, from the middle classes, and from small and medium-sized businesses, to the elites.

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Angered Tories Corner Javid on ‘Socialist, Unnecessary Rules’: Do not Restrict Liberty!

A Conservative MP from Yorkshire has demanded to know why his constituents should follow new Covid rules after an alleged party in Downing Street last Christmas. Speaking during a debate on the announcement of the Plan B measures in Parliament, Shipley MP Philip Davies blamed Health Secretary Sajid Javid: “Today he comes with his latest

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