Anatomy of a Philanthropath

A collaboration between Margaret Anna Alice (writing, vocals) and Visceral Adventure (video editing), this video was originally published at Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass. The poem first appeared in her Anatomy of a Philanthropath series on June 24, 2022. (Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass/YT) Poem by Margaret Anna Alice A philanthropath

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Petition: Stop the Online Safety Bill

By Nic Whitby Stop the Online Safety Bill, keep free speech free The UK Government MUST kill the Online Safety Bill Immediately. Free speech MUST remain free! Free speech is vital for democracy, individual rights, accountability, cultural growth, conflict resolution, personal development, and preventing minority oppression. It empowers expression, fosters an open society, and holds

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Sovereign Natural Empowerment

Sovereign Natural Empowerment, and learning to stand in our own power, is arguably the most important thing we can do for ourselves and for humanity right now. More and more we are seeing our rights eroded as spurious laws pass almost uncontested through our Parliament often without any consideration of public opinion let alone public

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We, the People of Australia – A Powerful Letter to Doctors

Date _____/_____/2021 To the Attention of: Doctor_________________________________ Re: Cease and Desist Order on Covid-19 Measures We, the People/men and women of Australia order you to cease and desist the use of experimental vaccines as they constitute Crimes against Humanity under Natural Law, Common Law, Treaty Law, Articles 6 and 7 of the International Criminal Court

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Videos from the Great Reopening

Watch these brave citizens peacefully and cleverly defending our freedom, our rights, small and medium businesses!Well done to all these freedom warriors, and stay strong! Credits: THEGREATOPENING on YouTube. https://youtu.be/xyY8jjsTvTg https://youtu.be/rd1gktUXCe0 https://youtu.be/D36IoLb9smI https://youtu.be/nKbZ8LqaNxc https://youtu.be/netJxYOk0-U https://youtu.be/o9enGMjiLTQ