WEF and Psychedelic Drugs – this Year’s Meetings in Davos

Simultaneous to the WEF meeting, another meeting is taking place in Davos, where influencers and rich people are promoting psychedelic drugs. Psychedelics are hallucinogenic drugs that alter the consumer’s conscious perception. See: the dangers of psychedelic drugs. Many of the participants are involved in New Age ritualism, esoteric and similar practices that lead people astray.

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Is this Trump’s New Age Doctor Network?

In a much-discussed video, Hugo Talks calls several doctors, mostly American, who are against the covid jab, ‘controlled opposition’. Because they appear on each other’s talk shows, in new-age-style groups, and at pro-Trump gatherings (even though Trump is a vaccine promoter), Hugo says, there are reasons for suspicion. Are these doctors and advocates all connected

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