Vaccinating Children Regardless Of the Science

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News. 00:25 – Vaccinating Children Regardless Of the Science 20:51 – Nurses Speak Out 26:17 – Israel’s Failed Vaccination Policy Promoted By Religious Leaders 39:27 – UK Column Viewer Receives Passport Offer Despite Being Unvaccinated 40:00 – French Protests 42:13 – Campaign Against COVID

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The Fauci Covid-19 Dossier

The Fauci Dossier lists several of the crimes that have and are being committed on the global public, including the actual law being violated in regard to medical experiments. Sent to us by a reader. A document prepared for humanity by Dr David E. Martin “Over the past two decades, my company – M·CAM –

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