Short Stories

Books for Christmas

Support our work by buying books offered here. Our books and other items are also suitable for Christmas gifts that help spread the truth. We especially recommend these books for giving away: Fairy tale books (British Isles) Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil Five Tales for Christmas Coming soon: Christmas Stories – Famous Tales Find

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White Rose Books

The Freedom Book Over 50 poems, short stories and essays from 36 authors of various backgrounds. The texts in Freedom! encourage you to stand up, believe in life, defend your rights and your children’s and grandchildren’s future. (Published 2021) Buy here   The White Rose Book In this book, the founder of the White Rose

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Granny’s Legacy

A short story by Deniz Benim Lucy steps through the mirror leaving behind the world that was 2000 years into the future. She is glad to be back. She takes in the details that is her mundane room. The unmade bed. The jacket strewn across the chair that she’d wished she’d taken while she was

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