The Palinopsia of National Resilience – A Short Story (Introduction)

By Tom Penn Palinopsia: ‘A visual disorder in which the patient perceives a prolonged afterimage‘ (Collins dictionary). National Resilience: ‘Coercive patriotism in pursuit of nefarious agendas’ (the new lexicon of Government). I was a latecomer when it came to scepticism regards the national response to Covid. Being one of the fortunate able to work outside,

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Stop and Sob – A Story

This story was sent to us by a reader as an alternative to the anger and hate we may often feel during all this madness. I The Stop and Sob Initiative proposes that, wherever each of us is, at midday, any day, through the Summer of 2021 (by the Western Calendar) – whether busy bringing

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Freedom Writing Challenge

Do you find it difficult to talk to friends, relatives or work colleagues because they don’t understand your point of view? Are you feeling powerless and depressed due to the way things are unfolding? This is where writing steps in! We encourage you to compose a poem or a short story – fiction or real.

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