Template Letter

No Consent To Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Unlawful Authority it Assumes: Template Letter to Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid Secretary for Health and Social Care 39 Victoria Street London SW1H 0EU [Your Name and Address Date] Affidavit of truth No Consent to coronavirus Act 2020 and the unlawful Authority it Assumes: “Legis construction non facit injuriam” Sajid Javid: Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle, Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent

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Covid Pushback Template Letter – Send To All Authorities!

THIS LETTER BEFORE ACTION NOTICE SHOULD BE SENT TO ANYONE WHO IS: Engaged in coercing any individual in any way to consent to: The Covid-19 agenda Experimental Covid vaccines Testing protocols designed to deliver false results Mask-wearing Social distancing   Supporting government propaganda currently terrorizing the population – for example: Reporters Doctors Pharmacists University chancellors

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