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Triple Jabbed Accounting for 8 in Every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England

With the mainstream media now focused entirely on instilling fear among the general public with non-stop coverage on the conflict in Ukraine, you may have missed the latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency which shows yet again that Covid-19 deaths have increased among the vaccinated population whilst declining among the unvaccinated population

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Fully Vaccinated Brits Developing AIDS

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publishes a weekly ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ report containing statistics on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status across England over a period of four weeks. (…) Every cell that they [the covid injections] infect, starts to produce pathogenic spike proteins. Your immune system recognises this (even if you don’t)

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85% Of Covid Deaths Are Among the Vaccinated, Child Deaths Have Risen by 83% Since They Were Offered the Jab

The latest Public Health data shows that covid-19 vaccinated people have accounted for 85% of Covid-19 deaths this in the past four weeks, whilst UK Health Security Agency data shows that the covid-19 vaccines have a negative effectiveness as low as minus-one-hundred-thirty-two-percent, and Office for National Statistics data shows that since children were first given

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