Tom Penn

The Biggest Threat to Children and Young Adults Is Not Coronavirus But Culture Itself, and the Mental-Health Disasters It Feeds Off

By Tom Penn As arm-ageddon continues apace, the Westminster Guild of Magicians must surely by now have ranked Houdini Hancock’s inaudible ‘freedom cry’ as one of the greatest ever stunts performed by a Parliamentary illusionist to date. Remember? The one where he sucker-punched us all fatally in the gut with his false hope? According to

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I Don’t Enjoy Being a Part of this Experiment in Compulsory, Pseudo-Compassionate Patriotism

Written by Tom Penn To what extent do you feel your Government values human life? If the stringent social-controls implemented throughout this protracted ban-demic are anything to go by – collective dismissal of their collateral damage aside – then you might be forgiven for thinking that we inhabit one of the most altruistic nations on

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