Tom Penn

I Don’t Enjoy Being a Part of this Experiment in Compulsory, Pseudo-Compassionate Patriotism

Written by Tom Penn To what extent do you feel your Government values human life? If the stringent social-controls implemented throughout this protracted ban-demic are anything to go by – collective dismissal of their collateral damage aside – then you might be forgiven for thinking that we inhabit one of the most altruistic nations on

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The Palinopsia of National Resilience – A Short Story (Introduction)

By Tom Penn Palinopsia: ‘A visual disorder in which the patient perceives a prolonged afterimage‘ (Collins dictionary). National Resilience: ‘Coercive patriotism in pursuit of nefarious agendas’ (the new lexicon of Government). I was a latecomer when it came to scepticism regards the national response to Covid. Being one of the fortunate able to work outside,

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