Tucker Carlson

The True Origins of Lyme Disease

In the late 1960’s, government bioweapons labs started injecting ticks with exotic diseases. Soon, people nearby began to get those diseases. Now, tick-borne Lyme is endemic. Naturally the government has admitted nothing. (Tucker Carlson/YT): Jailed for Praying In front of Abortion Clinic ‘People Should Be Preparing, This Is So Serious’ Tucker Carlson Fired for Exposing

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Dr James Thorp: Covid Vax Is Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics In History

Dr. James Thorp on Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccine: Tucker Carlson interviewed Dr. James Thorp, a maternal-fetal medicine expert, who painstakingly analyzed and verified the most recent Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data related to COVID-19 vaccines and compared them to the influenza vaccines. We he discovered is a 1200 fold increase in severe

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USA Freedom Convoy is Coming

About American Truckers Freedom Fund – Peaceful Expression: We are a movement of peaceful, non-violent Americans who are dissatisfied with the unscientific, unconstitutional government overreach in regards to mandates. Many truckers and convoys are also participating to… Reopen the Keystone Pipeline and Reinstate Oil/Gas Production Domestically. Reclaim National Energy Independence. Fight Against Big Tech/Government Censorship.

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