What is the Trusted News Initiative?

Last year, the VSRF produced the first explanation of the consortium behind the unprecedented Corporate Media and Big Tech censorship surrounding COVID, elections, and any topic that the countered the government narrative. Visit the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation: View also: ‘We Need an Independent Public Inquiry’ as Excess Deaths Average More Than 1000 a

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The Vax Scandal

Not a single injured person has received payment from the recompensation scheme. Vikki Spit is Lord Zion’s widow. He died two weeks after receiving the covid vaccine. A year after his death, her post on Twitter commemorating his death is censored. Mark Steyn: “It’s not enough to lose your husband because of the vaccine, you

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The Guardian’s Tweet Asking People to Tell About Their ‘Unvaccinated Loved Ones Lost to Covid-19’ Backlashes

The Guardian is fishing for stories of people who have lost their unvaccinated loved ones to covid. From their article: ‘We are looking to speak with the families of British people who died of Covid-19 and were unvaccinated. We’d like to find out more about the circumstances around their Covid vaccination choices. Perhaps your relative

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