Find Out If Your Council Is a Memeber of UK100 and Write to Them

A research from Together, reported recently on the front page of the Telegraph, shows that over 100 local councils have made anti-democratic pledges to “beat” the Government’s own Net Zero targets, to an organisation called UK100 – which is bankrolled by “green” billionaires – without consulting voters. Together has launched a new campaign to fight

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Message From Alan Miller: Please Ask Your MP to Pledge Transparency on Net Zero Policies

After the launch in Parliament of our new “Clean” Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics report raised enormous issues around the funding and influence of undemocratic organisations such as UK100 and C40 Cities on Net Zero and associated policies, please help us today by contacting your MP to sign the Together pledge of transparency on Net

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What is UK100? Has Your Council Signed Up to It?

What is driving anti-car policies by many local councils? It isn’t public opinion With climate politics failing at global and national levels, the “green” agenda has been refocussed at vulnerable local government level, backed by big money. Learn more about UK100 and C40 Cities in the report by Together Cabinet’s Ben Pile: 14 American

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