Petition: Outlaw Discrimination Against Those Who Do Not Get a Covid-19 Vaccination

The individual must remain sovereign over their own body, discrimination against those who cannot or will not be vaccinated against COVID is incompatible with a free democracy. The Government must take firm action to prevent ‘vaccination passports’ and discriminatory ‘no jab, no job’ policies. The Government must specifically outlaw discrimination based on vaccine status, this

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Covid Jab: What Is Informed Consent? A Checklist from the Freedom Alliance – Please Share!

Written by Adrian John Oliver, Freedom Alliance The Government, NHS and media companies have been programming the UK public with propaganda that vaccines are safe and effecitve while censoring and suppressing news of vaccine deaths and injuries and alternative treatments and the true nature and scale of the viral threat. However, by law, clinicians administering

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A Short Summary About the Covid Fraud – Watch

Here are two short videos expresing the worldwide fraud each in two minutes. The first one reports about the deaths listed as covid deaths, although, over 90% of them were not due to covid. The second video reports about the way we are being coerced to subscribe to a vaccination that nobody needs.