New Zealand High Court Ends Jacinda Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate: “It’s a Gross Violation of Human Rights”

A High Court challenge questioning the legality of Covid-19 vaccination mandates for Police and Defence Force employees has been upheld, with the court determining that the government mandate is an unjustified incursion on the Bill of Rights. In a decision released today, Justice Francis Cooke determined that ordering frontline police officers and Defence staff to

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Say No, My Friend!

Poem by Ziad Alzoghbi Say No, my friend! Three weeks to flatten the curve Boris was elected to serve Not you but his masters to serve Thousands of lives Hancock did save Zahawi declared he was brave Media trumpets wave after wave Media trumpets wave after wave Wittless presented a deadly virus His mates in

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Petition: Appeal to Catholic Leaders to Reject Abortion-Tainted Covid Vaccines and Mandates

As governments across the globe seek to mandate abortion-tainted Covid-19 “vaccines” on millions of people against their will, medical autonomy continues to diminish worldwide, setting a dangerous precedent for future generations. In response, during this Season of Advent, we have an important petition sponsored by Deacon Nick Donnelly of the Diocese of Lancaster, England, which

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