Army Veteran Fined for Silent Prayer: Penalty for ‘Praying for My Son, Who Is Deceased’

Summary A second individual is now facing a penalty for praying in an abortion facility “censorship zone” in Bournemouth Adam Smith-Connor is challenging council fine, which is based on him saying: “I’m praying for my son, who is deceased” “Dear Suella”: ADF UK launch public letter, invite signatures to support freedom of thought in public

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Elder Judy Mills: ‘Northern Territory Aborigines Are Being Forcibly Inoculated With Deadly Vaccine’

Northern Territory Aborigines are being dragged out of their communities by the army and police, taken to health centres and forcibly inoculated with a deadly vaccine according to Larrakeya elder Judy Mills who claims it is “genocide of blackfellas.” An agitated Judy Mills has called the NT Labor, Chief Administrator Michael Gunner a “coward who

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