Digitalisation and Microchipping of Everything Sneaking In

The government is “selling” mandatory microchipping for cats as a safety precaution. First dogs, then cats, but also humans … Microchipping pets is just another puzzle piece of the digitalisation of everything. They—the WEF fanatics—want us to accept microchipping as something normal. Their goal is the internet of all things, and to have control of

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Stop Feeding the Beast

Before You Use the Internet Before buying online, consider going to a small shop or market. Before writing a personal email, consider writing a handwritten letter and sending it off by mail. Before sharing a personal thought on social media, consider writing a diary. Before looking up a recipe online, could you find the same

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We Will NOT Forget!

The evildoers are trying to get away with it. An amnesty for the mass murderers, for an evil depopulation plan? No way! We must not forget because if we do, we are letting evil go through. The harm done to people caused by the lockdowns, mask mandates, and eventually the deadly so-called covid vaccines didn’t

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