Don’t Question The Clouds

I Spy With My Little Eye: Chemtrails Everywhere RAF ‘Rainmakers’ Caused 1952 Flood The Rain Is Deliberate! Government Schemes Hell-bent on Destroying UK Farming Are You Ready? Get Published In ‘The Green Cheat’ Weather Modification Something Is Intentionally Dropped On Us From Above The Truth About Chemtrails From Pilots Met Office Admits Spraying Skies The

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The Dream

By Ray Wilson  Yes, we bravely spray the big wide blueWith chemtrails dripping toxic goo.And someday, maybe, if we’ve got the stuff,When we fly up into that final quiet blue,We’ll have this final consolation too: We’ll know that in this life We reached the very stars, yes, In the quiet comfort of the after-years,We will recall those happy

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