Warp Speed

Sasha Latypova reveals that Pentagon Controlled Covid-19 Program from the Beginning

Sasha Latypova reveals the Operation Warp Speed organizational chart, wherein it placed the U.S. DoD in charge of all vaccine design and manufacturing. Pharma is simply a pass-through funding source for production by DoD contractors. (Truth Media/Bitchute) See also: Toxic by Design: Big Pharma Experts Speak Out Sasha Latypova’s blog Why health professionals, professors, scientists,

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WEF: ‘Billions Who Obeyed Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Will Also Comply With Social Credit Scheme’

It has finally been revealed – and we knew this all along – that Covid-19 lockdowns, mask mandates and other associated plandemic tyranny was a “test” to determine whether or not the world is ready for a new globalist system of “social credit score” control. It turns out that billions of people passed that test,

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