Maskless Shopping in Groups – The Maskless Warriors

People daring to shop without mask! What will the panicking and assaulting masked-up people will think about themselves in the future, when the madness is over …?! https://youtu.be/VccT0HL2QiE In the UK … “How refreshing, wonderful” https://youtu.be/W1bO8r-vxWA Who would have thought that shopping without a mask would once be a revolutionary act …?!  

Listen to This Brave Man!

A young man speaks up and warns people in public about the dangers of the covid vaccine and the lies coming from the government. Worth listening to: Warrior. Legend. Passion and cares for his fellow people. Love this And in spec savers aswell 👍 pic.twitter.com/AnEjfsH2po — These Are The Damned 🇵🇸 or stuart for short.

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