Woke Nonsense

WE Are Not the 99%

By Paul Ursell I notice from the Nigel Farage saga that the financial control mechanism to run a social credit system is already largely in place so that those of us who express scepticism about “vaccines” or the Climate Change narrative or the righteousness of the Ukraine war can easily be segregated and punished when

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The Big List of ‘Woke’ Companies to Boycott

Once upon a time, the cardinal rule of business was to never even discuss politics, yet nowadays, virtually all large corporations have gone woke to one degree or another. Many have adopted Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (D.I.E.), AKA discriminatory quotas based on skin pigmentation, gender, and LGBTQ instead of merit. (…) Woke companies are a

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Adios Adidas – Time to Boycott Sick ‘Woke’ Companies

Weeks after athletic apparel brand Nike invited backlash by partnering with transgender-identifying man Dylan Mulvaney to sell sports bras, competitor adidas has produced a line of clothing including items advertised for women but modeled by a man ahead of so-called “Pride” month. Adidas’ new “Pride 2023” collection is entitled “Let Love Be Your Legacy” and

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