Worldwide Demo

Saturday: Worldwide Rally for Freedom

Watch LIVE here: Worldwide Demonstration, 19 March, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and in many countries around the globe Edinburgh, Holyrood Park, 1 pm Blackburn, Lancs, Blackburn Town Hall, 1 pm Liverpool, St John’s Gardens, 1 pm Leeds, Leeds Town Hall, 1 pm Oxford, Bonn Square, 1 pm Birmingham, Chamberlain Square, 1 pm Norwich, The

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Ukraine Peace Deal

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with Wednesday’s UK Column News. Topics in this video: 00:29 – Ukraine Peace Deal 07:10 – Sanctions And New Law Power Grabs 11:20 – Tariffs and Refugees 13:20 – UK Column Accused Of Pro Russian Bias Over neo-Nazis 30:25 – Boris Visits the Middle East Amidst

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Watch: Worldwide Protest – London and Other Places

More Info here: Saturday 22 January – Worldwide Protest – Mass Non-Compliance! London: Barrister Richard Orme: “It is against the Nuremberg Code” Back-up video: Midwife of 18 years speaks out against vax mandate, Trafalgar Square: Around the world: Sweden: Melbourne, Australia: Sydney, Australia:

Saturday 22 January – Worldwide Protest – Mass Non-Compliance!

Watch LIVE: Saturday, 22 January, Worldwide Rally for Freedom—Mass Non-Compliance, No Vaccine Mandates, No ‘Health’ Pass, No Masks, End all Testing, No More Covering Up of Vax Injuries, Hands off our Children! Watch LIVE: London: 1pm 1 pm, BBC Portland Place Liverpool: St George’s Hall, 1pm Bristol: College Green, 1pm Manchester: Piccadilly Gardens,

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Worldwide Rally 5.0

Worldwide rally for freedom – for the fifth time! No vax passports, no forced vaccination, hands off our children! Freedom of speech, freedom of movement! LONDON: Meet at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park 1pm. Nearest Tube station: Marble Arch More locations in the UK: Birmingham, Chamberlain Square, 1pm Leeds, Town Hall, 1pm Channel Islands, Jersey, 2pm

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