The American Deep State Has Been Targeting the Catholic Church for Decades

By T. S. Flanders

We’ve seen this before.

As we’ve analysed here before (see here and here), the American Deep State has been targeting the Catholic Church for decades. At first the immigrants were targeted by street thugs (there was a riot outside St. Peter’s in New York at the first Christmas Midnight Mass in 1806) and racist Protestant groups – the No Nothings and the KKK – but now in the 20th century and beyond, the psychological warfare programs begun during the Great War have been turned against the Church.

The most recent attack of the American Deep State begun in the 1950s has brought the Church in these United States to her knees (“kneeling before the world” as Jacques Maritain adroitly put it). The American Catholic Neocon movement, once mainstream, is now losing adherents among the new Catholic generation, who realised the Neocons’ compromise with the errors of Liberalism ultimately poisoned the Faith and the faithful.

Now we have a Pope who comes from the embittered ruins of Baroque Spanish Christendom, destroyed for decades by the American imperialist Monroe Doctrine (see our contributing editor’s Puritan’s Empire for more on this).

Like many from Central and South America, he has no love for the American Empire and does not understand the milieu and cultural impact (Catholic or otherwise) of these United States, obscured as it is by the US government’s anti-Catholic legacy in these regions of the Americas.

Traditionis Custodes was no doubt contextualised by a history of anti-American rhetoric coming from the Holy Father and his allies – to what extent there is a direct connection with American Trads and the document is not entirely certain. What is certain is that the document used what Vatican II condemned as “collective guilt.”

And this played perfectly into the hands of the American Deep State.

As our contributing editor stated in his penetrating refutation of the Responsa ad Dubia,

It was Nostra Aetate of the Second Vatican Council that rejected the idea of “collective guilt,” e.g., that all of the Jews are responsible for the death of Christ. An error analogous to this anti-Semitism is being committed by Francis, Roche, and their party towards traditionalists. Realistically speaking, the first aim of TC seems to be punishing Catholics who find in the traditional rite a stronger basis and more nourishment for their spiritual lives, because these same Catholics also generally hold firm to magisterial teaching on faith and morals that the current pope and his entourage have rejected.

This is always the way of dictators, tyrants, and evil men in power. They find something wrong somewhere, and use it to destroy a whole group of people and tear down the monuments of our forefathers. The Protestants did it when they overreacted to abuses in the Renaissance Church. The Liberals did it when they tore down the tyranny of French absolutism.

It’s merely a pretext to destroy something that you want destroyed, whether or not that problem really exists or is really that bad. And this is how the US Deep State psychological warfare program has been operating since Thomas Paine wrote that monarchy is per se tyranny.

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