The Bought and Paid for Liars Choir

By Anne Gibbons

Sing to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Lies, lies, lies we tell
Every time we speak
Nakedly shamelessly, ever so fruitfully
Making us rich as can be

We recite from a script
We’re not paid to think
The truth is taboo, we keep it from you
It’s ‘Kool-Aid’ we get you to drink

Biden, he’s the best
Putin you must hate
Get every shot till one day you drop
That’s how we depopulate

All mainstream media
Wash your brain with scampoo
Take your pick—it doesn’t matter which
We will make zombies of you

No, no no you won’t
Oh no that won’t ever be
Never everly, rather be deaderly
Living in hell’s not for me