The Brainwashing of a World: Part I

By Dr Bruce Scott

It has become quite clear, especially during the last two years of the Covid-19 phenomenon, that the public—in Britain and the rest of the world—has been subjected to an onslaught of behaviour modification techniques, applied psychological terror, and menticide, otherwise known as brainwashing. This has been done with the use of unethical applied psychology.

This may sound far-fetched, and I am no doubt liable to be called a conspiracy theorist for it, but unfortunately, the tactics that have been deliberately deployed against us by our governments—who are supposedly there to keep us safe—have been used to confuse us, terrorise us, manipulate us, and change our minds and behaviour against our will and consent. Furthermore, we now have the threats of climate change, economic hardship and the spectre of war penetrating our psyche via the mainstream media.

These are tried and tested tactics. One only has to read history to encounter the use of totalitarian methods of control, using science and medicine as a way to forcibly control people. This was described by Vladimir Bukovsky, a political dissident in the old USSR, who was detained in a psychiatric hospital for political dissidents:

“The peculiar features of the Soviet political system, the Communist ideology, the uncertainties and difficulties of the science of psychiatry, the labyrinths of the human conscience—all these have weirdly woven themselves together to create a monstrous phenomenon, the use of medicine against man.” Sidney Bloch & Peter Reddaway, Russia’s Political Hospitals, 1978 (foreword by Vladimir Bukovsky), Futura Publications Limited, p. 13

I also encourage readers to study the writing of Dr John Coleman, especially his book The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic decline of the United States of America. Coleman, who moved to the USA in the late 1960s to become a constitutionalist speaker and who claims to have been a British intelligence officer before that, clearly lays out in the book how the use of applied psychology, behaviour modification and brainwashing as used by governments and élites is nothing new, especially in our contemporary Covid-19 times.

Schizogeny: compartmentalising the mind

These last two years, we have been subjected to a psychological attack. We have been told to be more fearful of Covid-19 because we are too complacent, and we have been encouraged to shame others into not following the regulations for Covid-19 restrictions. Equally, the politicians have dictated to us to follow the rules, to wear masks, social distance, to isolate, to stop working etc. Meanwhile, ‘our’ politicians have broken the rules they dictate to us. In the UK, we have had the spectacle of ‘our’ leaders at the G7 in Cornwall and COP26 climate emergency meetings, at Downing Street parties, and in many other photographed incidents, parading around unmasked, socially undistanced, and looking completely unafraid of dying from Covid-19.

What was striking about these images was the smiling faces of Johnson, Macron, Biden, Merkel, Sturgeon et al., and their sycophantic followers, while at the same time the staff working at these social events—waiters and their ilk—were fully masked, like slaves waiting on their masters. The schism between the élites and ordinary people was laid bare for all the world to see. This was deliberate. This is what they wish to crystallise as the new status quo. How else can one explain away the masked/unmasked disparity? No scientist has been able to explain this phenomenon, one which defies the Covidian narrative.

For one thing, the G7, COP26 and other summits during the past two years could have been held remotely; millions of ordinary people are expected to conduct their business meetings by computer due to Covid. Even failing that, and forgiving the carbon-footprint faux pas of the G7 and COP26 events owing to the excessive plane travel of delegates—which should have made Greta Thunberg issue the greatest “How dare you!” of her life—all business at these in-person summits could have been conducted indoors; no social events could have taken place, or at least none could have been shown in the media; and photo calls could have been reduced to just the masked, socially-distanced shots. But no; the obnoxious and arrogant display of the élites at these events during Covid-19, being tended to (as were their spouses and guests) by the masked minions, was a carefully-orchestrated theatre to remind people what the state of play is, albeit on a subliminal or unconscious basis (for some): that we are destined not for an abundant life but for a bare life; that henceforth the élites will be privileged and ordinary people will need to submit.

When Dominic Raab, a senior British government minister, was questioned by Trevor Philips on the obvious “rule”-breaking by the unmasked, socially undistanced élites at the G7, he flustered a response indicating that such cocktail parties were an important part of political business. His wording gave away that the political class running world affairs is more important than people who run actual businesses and those who work and pay taxes—funding the wages of the politicians like Dominic Raab. These lame excuses for rule-breaking show the contempt that the élites hold for ordinary people in these times.

The G7 extravaganza and other similar events were and are a reminder that we are destined for a sombre “new normal”. Yet there is an even darker message to be taken away: on the one hand, the politicians put on their serious faces or even cry (as Matt Hancock contrived to do) to tell us how much they love us and are working so hard to save lives, keeping us safe from harm, while at the same time, the psychological operators are deliberately making people fearful and angry at “anti-vaxxers” and “Covid deniers”. This mixed messaging is interlaced with constant contradictory signalling in the mainstream media—first, “We will be unlocking on 21 June 2021”, then “We should not unlock”; first, “We will not have vaccine passports”, then “We should have vaccine passports”; first, that “children will not be vaccinated”, then that “children should be vaccinated”.

This narrative is much more than just getting us to adhere to a bare life (through draconian regulations) or to a state of fear (through psychological propaganda); it is a pernicious schizogenic tactic, as is common in psychological abuse. In other words, the Covidian narrative places its victims in a state of confusion: they do not know whether their master (the Government), with its mixed and contradictory messages, really does love them or not. What this achieves is a psychic split in the victims: it destroys their humanity and their sanity. This is as intended, because it is an anti-human and psychotic script, a schizogenic and menticidal narrative, to drive us mad and destroy our reason, beliefs and values. (…)

We can deduct from the onslaught of fear porn from Covid-19, the “net zero” climate agenda, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and threats of nuclear annihilation that we are, as a population, being brought into a state of being where fearful expectation is to become the norm for our everyday lives. Waves of hope and fear are, as Meerloo describes, what brainwashes people, hypnotises them and drives people to mental illness or psychosis. This is the killing of the mind; menticide.

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