The Chilling Transhumanists’ Agenda

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda, by the Corbett Report

They are working toward the elimination of homo sapiens. The mRNA injections are just the thinnest edge of the wedge that will eventually involve the wholesale transformation of humanity into something else entirely. And at precisely the point that we allow the precedent to be set that governments can mandate the forced injection of unknown biomedical technologies in the name of a declared health “crisis,” Orwell’s nightmare of a boot stamping on the human face forever is transformed from a dark warning about a possible future to a virtual certainty.

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In this video “Dare to Fly” explains what transhumanism really is:

Whilst the concept of Transhumanism makes for a spectacular sci-fi movie, it is set to become a reality with the push for the fourth industrial revolution. Being half machine and human may seem appealing and would allow the human race to “cheat death”, there are countless risks and concerns regarding freedom of choice, identity, and privacy that continue to be ignored. (Dare to Fly on Brandnewtube)