The Climate Change Story Told By Ice Cores

What do ice cores tell us about the history of climate change and the present trend? This video explains one perspective—arguably the most accurate one. And if you skip to 2:25, you will see the huge error we have made and the assumptions and extrapolations based on that error.  Speaker: Jørgen Steffensen Prof. of Glaciology, Niels Bohr Institute Copenhagen (Beege and Peege/YT)

Comment by Joanna Davidson MSc. IT:

The Climate “crisis” is a fundamental topic behind the WEF narrative. If it were seen on TV to be a lie, it would remove much of the driving force behind the agenda.

We need to get this video, which explains, using data from Greenland ice cores, that our planet is much cooler now than it was during Viking and Roman times, on the BBC.

I don’t know how we do get it on the BBC (one of your readers may know how to hack the feed, perhaps!) or we use a trojan – horse method like Aseem Malhotra did – when interviewed about statins – to get his message out about the dangerous C19 vaccines, before they could shut him up!

Perhaps we ask Jørgen Steffensen to contact the BBC, but as his data goes against the official narrative, I doubt they would listen. I don’t know the answer – I am thinking about it.

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