The Convoy that United the Country

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms presents: “The Convoy that United the Country”, which premiered at the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award dinner honouring Tamara Lich. (JusticeCentre/Rumble)

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Ontario Judge releases Tamara Lich

The Justice Centre is pleased with the decision of Ontario Superior Court Justice Andrew Goodman releasing Tamara Lich from jail. Justice Goodman, after a two-day hearing, overruled the prior decision of a Justice of the Peace, who re-incarcerated Ms. Lich for alleged breach of bail conditions.

Ms. Lich spent 49 days in jail, despite having no criminal history or record, on mischief-related charges that do not involve violence.

Justice Goodman released Ms. Lich on the existing amount of $37,000 in bond without deposit. The Judge noted, “Counsel is well aware that accused persons facing more serious indictable offences and with breaches of release terms are granted bail.”

Justice Goodman added, “The likelihood to re-offend and the risk to the community remains low. While on release, there has been strict compliance with the conditions save for the picture with Mr. Marazzo, and there is a very live question about whether there was a breach at all.”

Justice Goodman said: “I trust Ms. Lich can be trusted to abide by the terms of her bail conditions,” and ordered her release from jail immediately. He instructed the police officer: “Madam Constable, take those shackles off.”

“Ms. Lich is not charged with sedition or inciting a riot,” noted Justice Goodman. “While the protests were of national import… the charges here relate to minor offences in the criminal code. I find it highly unlikely this 49-year-old woman with no criminal record… would spend any more time in jail.”

The Justice Centre continues to fund the legal defence of Ms. Lich, who was represented in court by well-known criminal defense lawyer Lawrence Greenspon. (