The Country Is Controlled by Puppets Who Work on Behalf of the Great Reset

By John Vincent

The following is an excerpt from ‘Revolutionary (non-violent) Reform of Parliament’—a multiple-page proposal by John Vincent (with some humorous interludes). 

Our country is in a mess. I don’t think that this is a controversial statement.

Our citizens must gather together and create an environment in which everybody is happy to live. Happy is an ephemeral state so let us say contented without being complacent. The citizens must go back to basics and examine everything that is happening in this country and conclude whether these happenings provide added value to the populace with regard to the happiness of the whole. This used to be referred as “in the public interest”. Who decides what is in the public interest? The government without consultation with the public! A one-way street. We shall now decide what is in the public interest. If we turn down this opportunity then quite frankly we do not deserve to live on this wonderful planet.

Question. Do we need to have a government at all? No. Simples! Currently, we are ruled by people who view us with complete contempt – the full extent of which will be revealed in the coming years. The government have sold us out to the Great Reset without our consent from a referendum. You don’t get much more contemptuous than that! All the political parties have been complicit in this. The country is controlled outside and inside the parliament by puppets who work on behalf of the Great Reset (GR) and a treasonous UK charity called “Common Purpose”(CP). This explains why there is no opposition because all parties are working to the same end – the agenda of GR.

These two organisations are bent on destroying our spirit, our sense of identity (wokes), our families, our friendships and our businesses. They wish to isolate all of us. Their aims are to control us, even down to examination of the way we think. They plan a credit system as our only source of income, which will emanate from the government. There will be no cash or property ownership. Everything you buy will be controlled by the government and they will bar any purchases you make on-line which are not made with companies controlled by GR. Greed is their primary weakness and will be their downfall. When cash has gone you will be defenceless since all the banks and all the world’s large businesses, including energy, media, Big Pharma and telecom, are currently controlled by the GR holding company, Vanguard, through direct shareholdings or via their many subsidiaries. I have not found any article that explains who owns Vanguard.

I am still amazed at how few people are aware of this conspiracy by GR. Surely it must be blindingly obvious when one considers that 193 countries are all doing the same thing at the same time in response to a virus which is hardly dangerous enough to lock us all down. Why are all the countries shutting us up, restricting our freedoms and imposing tyranny upon us contemporaneously. The odds are massive against this so there must be puppet masters or conspirators pulling the strings of the government leaders. The people that run Vanguard – who we never see. Wake up. Now!

The World Economic Forum is the public face of GR and is financed by large companies and private membership subscriptions. They have written two books in which they mention population reduction. 7.3 billion people is too many for GR to control. I have visited many websites and the general consensus is that over a period of years (not known) the plan is to reduce to about 10% of the current population so there will be only 700 million people left on this planet and they will all be rigidly controlled and subservient to GR. The rest will go to heaven earlier than they planned.

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