The Covid Genocide Unravels

What was covid-19 really for – the depopulation plan laid bare. (Vernon Coleman/Bitchute)

80-90% of COVID deaths are a fraud, says John Beaudoin, Sr:

Transcript: “COVID, as I’ve proven in my book and in the CDC Memorandum, a second publication, 80% to 90% of the COVID deaths are fraud. “They were drug overdoses and car accidents, and they were a bunch of old people dying out of neglect and being mistreated by hospitals, [they] weren’t given antibiotics when they had a bacterial infection in their lungs. “These things all combined through a coercion of doctors from the American Board of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, the state licensing boards, the Federation of State Medical Boards, the NIH, FDA, CDC, all said the same thing: you will use this protocol or we’re going to suspend your license. “You can find that on the web. The letter is still there. “It’s a joint statement by the CEO’s of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the other two I mentioned. “With regard to all of the hospital protocols, I call it murder because at some level, somebody knew what they were doing. “More than half a million people killed by hospital protocols. “Another half a million killed by what they call a vaccine [COVID vaccine]. “I have all the data. I can show it. “I now have 1.4 million un-redacted, non-redacted death certificates. “That represents 5% of the US population. “It’s the biggest study, biggest database ever in anything COVID.” (The Prisoner/Brighteon)