‘The Current Use of Covid-19 Vaccines In Canada Should Be Stopped Immediately’

The following are excerpts from a letter to the Canadian Prime Minister, written by the Administrator of the National Citizens Inquiry, a citizen-led and citizen-funded organization, which this year held hearings across Canada into Canada’s response to SARS-CoV-2. The issue of the test applied by the drug safety regulator Health Canada, to approve the Covid-19 Vaccine, was among the issues on which the Commissioners heard evidence:

‘Contrary to what the great majority of Canadians were told, the regulator has not made a determination that the products are safe. The absence of a safety and effectiveness determination is plain on the face of the statutory instruments of approval, and not subject to reasonable dispute. Worse, Health Canada’s website continues to make the positive misrepresentation to Canadians that the products are “proven safe and effective and of high quality,” although Health Canada made no such determination of proof.
This issue is analyzed by the Commissioners in the section of their report appended hereto.’

‘The current use of Covid-19 vaccines in Canada that were authorized under the revised
provisions of the Interim Order and the newly revised Food and Drug Regulations, should be stopped immediately.

The pending session of Parliament provides an opportunity to be truthful with Canadians by confirming that Health Canada has not found the Covid-19 Vaccines to be proven safe and effective, and to do the right thing by withdrawing them pending full review in accordance with the traditional objective test.’

Read the full letter here: NCI Letter-to Prime Minister

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