The Dangerous Hypocrisy of the Woke

The following is an excerpt from the book Global Conspiracy, by Hugh Williams, available at St Edward’s Press Ltd. To order the book, please visit the publisher’s website here.

What connects climate change and covid, the two bogus scientific subjects?

What follows is a short list of the similarities between the ways in which the promoters of both Climate Change and the Covid pandemic behave. With thanks in part to Spectator Australia, and also to Ramesh Thakor, Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy and a former UN Assistant Secretary-General.

  1. They are both hypocrites. Viz: Climate Change fanatics travel thousands of miles by air, letting off CO2 (not that CO2 is a poisonous gas), and Covid fearmongers fail to obey their own rules, whether by partying, or by failing to wear masks on occasions when they say that the rest of us have to (not that masks are in any way effective).
  2. Their modelling is hopelessly inaccurate.
  3. They love spreading fear.
  4. They tell us to pay obeisance to bogus science.
  5. They enjoy wielding immense power.
  6. They accuse those who do not agree with what they preach of being immoral.
  7. They refuse to allow any space for those who question their narrative to air their views.
  8. They have the mainstream media in their pockets, thus ensuring the apparent and effective silencing of those who wish to question what is happening.
  9. Their policies are hugely damaging to national economies.
  10. Their policies are very harmful to living standards.
  11. They are very dismissive of the need to carry out any cost-benefit analysis of their policies. They say that to do so would imply that they put money before lives.
  12. Their policies channel huge profits into the coffers of the companies with which they choose to work.
  13. Their policies are implemented by diktat rather than after informed and democratic debate.
  14. Their policies are generally decided by global organisations and not national governments.
  15. (As we go to press:) The UK Government is planning to implement the Online Safety Bill, the purpose of which is to punish anyone who promotes any ideas with which the government disagrees, and without defining what such ideas may be. The penalties might amount to 10% of their global income or imprisonment.

Having prepared this list, it would appear that some of these, and similar, criticisms could also be applied to just about every controversial topic that dominates the news today.