The Government Has a Tradition of Giving Bad Health Advice

By John Kline

I do not profess to be a health expert, by any means, but I do possess an inquisitive mind and the ability to think critically. As a sufferer of “high cholesterol” and having a heart attack at the age of 42, I was given stents and a huge cocktail of other drugs – and suffered severe reactions to every drug, I became very interested in drug efficacy and side effects.

My wife nagged me to take all the deadly drugs pedalled by my doctors, but I felt so bad I could barely stand up. I visited my GP, who advised me if I came off any of the drugs, I would be dead in six months. I went private, and the Doctor there told me none of the drugs would keep me alive any longer – but advised me to take aspirin – 17 Years later I am still above ground.

My curiosity was aroused as to why would one doctor push drugs and the other say that none of the drugs would extend my life. I suggest you look at this website. It gives the number needed to treat, and the number needed to harm – produced by concerned doctors. A good example of the efficacy is Statins.

However, please be cautious. This is not intended as health advice but to bring to your attention that not all health professionals agree with the Government narratives. I would encourage you to do your own research and make up your own mind.

In Summary, for those who took the statin for 5 years:

  • 1 in 83 were helped (life saved)
  • 1 in 39 were helped (preventing non-fatal heart attack)
  • 1 in 125 were helped (preventing stroke)
  • 1 in 50 were harmed (develop diabetes*)
  • 1 in 10 were harmed (muscle damage)

Virtually all the major statin studies were paid for and conducted by their respective pharmaceutical company. A long history of misrepresentation of data and occasionally fraudulent reporting of data suggests that these results are often much more optimistic than subsequent data produced by researchers and parties that do not have a financial stake in the results. These additional studies may however take years. Also, harm from these drugs is difficult to predict, partly because harms are often difficult to anticipate and are often poorly tracked. Such findings often come up years after new drugs have been on the market.

So I started to think: Hang on a minute, Government push statins as life-saving Panacea. I did some thinking on other Government/expert advice and list some of the health advice which is pushed as fact, but appears to be misinformation. You decide if this is deliberate or accidental incompetence.

This is not a comprehensive list. Do your own research on the topics I raise.

Covid measures:
The Government locked us up inside, yet the following articles and common sense would say more fresh air and sunshine would have been the best course of action. See links below.

Apparently, people in hospital who are by windows recover better than those who are not. There is a lot of evidence that sunlight and fresh air are curative. Doctors used to prescribe seaside for sickly people and TB patients were wheeled outdoors onto balconies.

The Government forced masks onto our faces, but studies show six hours a day with a mask on decimates your immune system.

Hopefully, you know how deadly the vaccines are. Dr John Campbell has videos showing a ten-fold increase in heart inflammation. A Freedom of Information request in Swindon also shows a near four-fold increase in infection in the four times jabbed, and three times for thrice jabbed, over two times for twice jabbed and nearly twice for once jabbed.

They also never recommended vitamin D. And whilst it was not a Government recommendation in connection with Covid, it is common knowledge amongst the medical community that Cholesterol is vital for your immune system. So why do Governments push useless Statins? I will cover this later:
Cholesterol is vital for the immune system.

Moving from Covid specific, I list some other perceived wisdom. Government narrative about health:

Cholesterol – I was offered PSK19 a mRNA gene therapy 17 years ago. Dr Aseem Molhatra exposed that it kills more than it saves. The UKHRA knew this but declared it a life-saving drug anyway. It cost circa £8,000 per year… Cholesterol lowering is fraud says Doctors Aseem Malhotra & Malcolm Kendrick

Did you see the recent hype on the latest cholesterol-lowering confection from Pharma? No data whatsoever to suggest it will improve heart disease outcomes, but UK NICE body has pronounced that billions will be spent on it regardless? Well right here Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick lay bare the latest lipid scam, on GB news (see the documents below video too!):
Most people taking statins get no benefit – GB News

In this episode of Liz’s lockdown live streams – first streamed on Facebook and IGTV on 26 May 2021 – Liz chats with Dr Aseem Malhotra to find out the truth about cholesterol, HDL vs LDL, statins and more. High cholesterol is associated with longer life in the over 60s. I find this a very good video.

Other issues I would ask you to research:

  • The Government tells you to plaster yourself with sunscreen, preventing all health benefits and introducing heavy metals into your body.Dangerous Ingredients in Sunscreen Do Penetrate The Skin
  • The Government/experts recommend copious amounts of water to stay hydrated. Drinking near meal times will destroy your stomach acids, and lots of water will deplete your electrolytes, according to many non establishment Doctors and health experts.
  • Salt is another villain, but according to many is vital. Dr Mc Kendrick points out that sick patients are put on saline drips.
  • Saturated fat – appears to be healthy – and many health experts are now saying unsaturated fats are deadly. Saturated fats are stable – they are saturated with oxygen. Vegetable oil is unstable and oxidises when heated.
  • Vegan diets: I won’t go down that rabbit hole, but if you have to supplement – how is it a safe diet?
  • Red meat is bad for you: they cite relative risk reduction not actual risk reduction, creating a false sense of fear.
  • Governments now say there is no safe level of alcohol – previous studies showed moderate drinkers lived longer and heavy drinkers did not have a much lower life expectancy than teetotallers.
  • Eggs are bad – Dr Berg on youtube and others are massive advocates of eggs and lots of them.
  • Processed foods, sugar fruit juice are deadly, but all they bang on about is fat.
  • Healthy habits – which they do not push: sunlight, vitamin-D – this is massively important in winter, fresh air, infra-red light.

A bit of an anecdote. When I was in Florida, 40 years ago, there was a news item how those who retired to Florida lived an average of 10 years longer than those who stayed up north. The diet is no different, but the exposure to sunshine is! Although temperature is also a possible factor.

I hope I may have got some of you thinking about these health issues, and mostly why the Governments have pushed deadly drugs and given apparent deliberately bad health advice!