The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated in Human History

By Max Thrust

One would need to be impenetrably dim or brainwashed by cod science not to realise that we are being socially and economically engineered into the fascist wet dreams of Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ and Bubonic Bill Gates’ insane, megalomaniac, psychoworld of snake-oil vaccine obsession and implantable (or otherwise) ‘ID2020/ID2030 Passports’.

A ‘virus’ with a proven global kill rate of 0.0042% (Infection Fatality Rate 0.2%) is the means not the end for which billions of £ have been vapourised on dysfunctional test-trace-isolate, superfluous pop-up Nightingales, mathematical fantasy models, witches’ brew cocktails, lost GDP and everything else fictional virology and manufactured covidphobia can justify. Not for the sake of our health have we been subjected to mass media psychoterrorism, democratic and social deprivation, legitimised authoritarian oppression and theft of our freedoms, our livelihoods and our children’s education.

Corrupt, failed academics and compromised agendaed scientists have conspired to redefine long-established epidemiological doctrine, promoted a bogus testing protocol, and manipulated official statistics in pursuit of an iniquitous campaign of intimidation, indoctrination, disinformation and exploitation. The ‘virus’ does not exist anywhere in the world in isolated, purified form; it is a mythical creation.

The people’s democratic representatives have coalesced into a virtue-signalling coterie of useful idiots in open submission to the faceless corporatist billionaires’ ‘New Normal’ agenda, echoing the lies, the deceits – the humbug covidspeak – lest they, too, be consigned to the voiceless netherworld of the cancelled and defamed.

We are witnessing history being made and the truth being unmade; covid-19 is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in human history.