The Grooming in Schools Needs to End!

If you don’t know who you fancy then you’re queer, schools tells children (GBNews/YT):

From the comments:

Why are parents not kicking back against this absolute sickening rubbish, it’s disgusting.

They’re too scared of the backlash unlike our American friends.

That school is definitely queer alright.

When kids are frightened to go to the toilets and don’t eat and drink and are being lied to about sex it’s time to immediately close these school prisons down now. We need proper people teaching in schools at the moment they are encouraging paedophilia.

Fortunes are spent on this: books, leaflets, posters, admin, training courses, man-hours teaching it in classes…

The grooming in schools needs to end!

This school needs to be investigated because this is totally messing with kids mental health.

Sick of Agenda 2030