The Growing Evidence of A Criminal State

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:39 – Global Pro-Freedom Demonstrations No MSM Coverage Anywhere

01:11 – Strange How Every MSM News Event Appear To Support Policy?

03:56 – Does Brexit Have anything to Do With Alleged Fuel Crisis

10:18 – The Growing Evidence of A Criminal State

14:45 – Australian UKC Viewers Email Highlights Emergence of Dictatorship

18:16 – COP-26 and Net Zero Propaganda

29:55 – UKC Interview With Statistician Christine Cotton

30:51 – The BIS Push Ahead With CBDC

41:21 – The Basic Public Spending Cost of Covid-19

43:58 – ONS claims About Positive Tests Wander Off Into Irrelevance

46:29 – Now You Have COVID Even When You Test Negative Apparently

48:36 – Huge Number Of Claimed Vaccine Trials

51:00 – UKC Viewer Emails Highlights Legal and Treatment Anomalies

56:25 – Censorship And Surveillance Increases

01:00:47 – BBC Announces Savile Cover Up Drama

01:04:40 – Celtic Survivors Draw Attention To Their Voice

01:05:50 – Scottish Government Inclusive Education Training Not Very Inclusive At All

01:23:40 – Is the BBC Grooming Children?

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