The Hidden Purpose of the Covid Jabs

By Ralph Prothero

TED Talks (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design) are public education talks popular in North America in which abstruse subjects are explained by experts to the general public in layman’s terms. TED talks are available free as videos to download online, and have been watched well over a billion times.

TED Talks about microbiology have interesting titles. One by Jennifer Doudna posted on 20th October 2015 is How CRISPR lets us edit our DNA. Andrea Henle eventually echoed that on 24th January 2019 with How CRISPR lets you edit DNA. Jennifer Kahn’s TED Talk was Gene editing can now change an entire species – forever, posted on 9th May 2016. Dr Tal Zaks’ TED Talk Rewriting the genetic code was posted on 8th December 2017.

Dr Tal Zaks was then the chief medical officer of Moderna (from “modern RNA”), a pharmaceutical company set up in 2010 to produce mRNA jabs for the mass market. Moderna is one of the drug companies that got Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for their mRNA gene alteration jabs during the Covid terror in 2020. Moderna got EUA by specifying that their DNA-altering mRNA jabs were “vaccines” against Covid’s coronavirus pathogen. EUA provides drug companies with legal immunity, so they can’t be sued for any injury caused by their “vaccines”.

In his TED Talk in 2017 Tal Zaks said, “Over the last thirty years we’ve been living this phenomenal digital scientific revolution, and I’m here today to tell you, that we are actually hacking the software of life.” He went on to explain, “In every cell there’s this thing called messenger RNA or mRNA for short, that transmits the critical information from the DNA in our genes . . . So if you could change that, if you introduce a line of code, it turns out that has profound implications for everything.”

Indeed, rewriting our genetic code through mRNA “gene therapy” does have profound implications for everything, and everybody. The title of Jennifer Kahn’s TED Talk in 2016 was “Gene editing can now change an entire species – forever”. It’s easy to guess which species she had in mind.

The human species is now being subjected to “gene therapy” injections and the intention to repeatedly “jab” the entire human species worldwide is now plain. Scientists like Zaks, Doudna, Henle and Kahn think that they can alter our human genetic inheritance to improve it, that they know better than the wisdom of the ages. No control group of the population will be left to compare and contrast with the jabbed, except un“vaccinated” global moguls who own the world and its mainstream mass media.

The Moderna and Pfizer gene “therapies” are injections of messenger RNA, which enters the cytoplasm that surrounds the nucleus of cells in the human body. Through “reverse transcription” the mRNA rewrites the DNA in the nucleus of human cells. Whereas in contrast the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson gene therapies are DNA injections which “transfect” DNA into the nucleus of human cells.

As mentioned above, Tal Zaks said in his 2017 TED talk that “if you introduce a line of code” (into DNA) “it turns out that has profound implications for everything.” If “hacking the software of life” has profound consequences for everything, then some of those consequences will be legal. Let’s look into that.

In its 2013 case (Pathology v Myriad Genetics lnc.) the USA’s Supreme Court ruled that human DNA could not be patented because it was “a product of nature”. But at the end of the decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that if a human genome is modified by mRNA vaccines, then the human genome can be patented.

So the mRNA injection will make the recipient person’s DNA genome the patented property of the corporate mRNA provider. (The same for the recipient’s children who will inherit the artificially altered genome.) In future a legal argument will be made that the recipient, the person injected with the mRNA, then becomes the patented property of the corporate provider of their mRNA injection.

The UN has already defined a “human being” as having a “human genome” and thus being worthy of “human rights”. Whereas people with artificially altered genomes are “transgenic” and “transhuman” and have the legal status of “human organisms”, they will cease to be human beings in law. It will successfully be argued that only human beings have human rights, that transgenic and transhuman “human organisms” don’t.

So in future those who’ve had the mRNA jabs, and their progeny, will legally become the property of the owners of the pharmaceutical companies involved. And they will be transhuman “human organisms” without human rights, chattels without human rights. But how to enforce such a legal decision?

This is when the Central Bank Digital Currency will become a weapon of mass destruction. When the time comes, a tap on a computer key of a Central Bank Digital Currency’s database will stop the transhumans’ money altogether. They will then be given the choice between starvation or slavery. And their choice of slavery would have legal weight, as transhumans have no human rights.

This legally enabled slavery could be introduced gradually for selected categories of the transhuman population by a “salami sausage” technique, whereby slices of the transhuman population could gradually be enslaved slice by slice.

Or it could be that there will be no slavery, just starvation instead, as the transhuman population is reset by Green global environmental edicts to a lower and more “sustainable” level, in order to “save the planet”.

In any case, the upshot of the global panic over Covid has been to get most of the human population worldwide injected with drugs that alter the human genome. And the true purpose of these Covid “vaccines” is not medical but legal, to provide a legal route for global moguls, who own the world, to reduce the rest of humanity to starvation and slavery.

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