The Horrors of the Coronavirus Act Being Renewed in September

We are all only too familiar with most of the effects of the Coronavirus Act, passed into law on 25th March 2020, with no debate or vote, giving the Government emergency powers.

And of Section 45 C (3) (c) Of The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 giving ministers limitless powers to act in response to anything they perceive as a major threat to public health, which gives the legal basis for most of the regulations.

But most people seem to have forgotten or not noted some of its worst horrors to which Flyer has drawn to our attention, and which should not be forgotten but shouted from the rooftops; so here is a short summary to refresh memory…

I am certain that the Government intend to renew the Act again in September and doubtless forever if they can, as always ignoring all protests. We must not let these horrendous powers remain in place. They are totally disproportionate at present; furthermore, I maintain that they would never be justified under any circumstances because they would always be abused.

Particularly insidious are the extraordinary powers in Schedules 21 and 22 of the 2020 Act including:

  • Far-reaching emergency powers that will allow the police to detain and isolate people who may be infected and a danger to the public and force them to be tested.
  • New rules speeding up the process of cremations.
  • Streamlining the death management process and funerals.
  • Measures requiring only one doctor to sign off medical certificates confirming deaths and removing the need for inquests to be held with a jury.
  • People can be detained under mental health laws if one doctor rather than two deems that they are in need of urgent attention.


Credits to the author Mary. Read the full article on the Independence Daily:

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