The Link Between General Vaccines and Autism – Stop Vaccinating Your Children!

By Steve Kirsch

Nearly all the world’s autism experts know it. They just can’t talk about it.

The CDC has been lying to people for over 20 years in denying the link between vaccines and autism. In just 40 minutes after launching my survey, I now have a highly statistically significant result.

If you are unvaccinated vs. 10 or more vaccines, you have a 6x lower chance of being diagnosed with autism. The result is highly statistically significant (p=.0023). I’ll make the data public (Andy Wakefield and others already have it).

Nobody should be surprised. The Mawson study and Hooker study (both published in peer-reviewed journals and not retracted) both showed very similar values (4X and 5X respectively).

All the data is verifiable. My study is larger and more diverse than theirs.

Any mainstream media “fact checker” want to check the facts? The whole thing was done in full public view.

The CDC had 20 years to run the same survey I did. It only took me about two hours to write and debug it. I’ll publicly release the data tomorrow for everyone to analyze. Maybe the CDC can make the signal go away through clever subgroup analysis.

Also, doctors are not allowed to tell patients that vaccines cause autism. If they did, they would have their license to practice medicine revoked. For every 100 parents who make the connection, 0% of their doctors will confirm it. Gotta keep that medical license.

The overall rate of autism among the CHILDREN of my followers (and NOT my followers) is 4.8% which is 1 in 21 kids. My followers are under-vaccinated, so my estimates are on the low side. The real number could be as high as 5.7% or 1 in every 18 kids. This is a train wreck. (Source: Steve Kirsch on Twitter)

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