The Lockdown Files Psyop

By Iain Davis

The whole point of the recent Lockdown Files media storm is to wage psychological war on the public. The Lockdown Files “story,” carefully managed as mainstream media propaganda, is designed to convince you of a series of fundamental falsehoods.

The MSM and its government partners want you to believe that you still have a free and pluralistic mainstream media that take their duty to question power seriously. This controlled release of information, already extensively and comprehensively exposed by the so-called “alternative media,” is, in part, a mainstream media cover-up to obscure their own role as the state propagandists that misled the public throughout the pseudopandemic.

The mainstream media themselves are culpable for the harm caused to the British people by the British state, as they unquestioningly assisted the UK Government’s attack on the public. The mainstream media rarely, if ever, question power and they are neither independent nor objective.

The intention behind seemingly exposing government “failings” is to persuade you that catastrophic government policies and legislation were politically motivated mistakes. While they were certainly politically motivated, the policy decisions were deliberate. There were no “mistakes.” The assault on the public was intentional.

The Lockdown File fairy tale has been spun to deny both the Government’s intent to cause harm and to divert attention away from its real motivations. The pseudopandemic was a hybrid warfare operation undertaken by a global public-private partnership (G3P) to accelerate the transformation of society and the global economy.

As British people continue to die in unprecedented numbers, the Lockdown Files have been released to shift the entire blame for increased mortality to “failures” and “errors” in public health policy. It is an attempt to avert any exploration of the apparent role that the Covid–19 jabs have also played in killing people.

As G3P “partners,” both the UK Government and its propaganda arm, the mainstream media, have colluded to manipulate public opinion and control the British people once again. The whole Lockdown File narrative is just another mainstream media deceit.

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