The Mass of All Time

The Mass of All Time

In my memory, I will always see
The ancient Mass I have loved so well
Unchanged through time, a mystery sublime
Bringing God to the altar to dwell.
How reverently is the Lamb of God received
How grand its beauty and its splendor
Filled with love untold, like the Cross of old
Is the true Holy Mass of all time.

Heaven comes to earth, not a sound can be heard
For the silence tells that God is near
Every solemn face, in that most sacred place
Bending low with reverence and fear.
At the sound of the bell, every heart starts to swell
To see God the Son raised o’er the altar,
And we gaze in awe at our Lord and our God
At the true Holy Mass of all time.

In the ages past, it was always the Mass
Giving martyrs the strength to endure any pain
They laid down their lives,
they would rather have died
Than deny their God and their Faith.
Though the storms did rage,
persecution went and came
They kept safe that great and precious treasure
In fields and in farms, and in all faithful hearts
Was preserved the true Mass of all time.

Now in our own day, they would try to take away
What our fathers in Faith did fight to defend
The Mass which survived,
for which Saints gave their lives
They dare try to change and to end.
But a gift so sublime, a treasure so Divine
Can never be destroyed or ended
It will always remain, eternally the same
As the true Holy Mass of all time.

From Calvary, unto eternity
Ever blessed be God on the altar
His Most Precious Blood, His infinite love
For us will remain forever.
Let us kneel and adore, let us love forevermore
This Sacred Mass of all the ages
And our hearts will defend until the very end
The Tridentine Rite for all time.

Lyrics by Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Saint Benedict Center, Harvard, MA.

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