The Monkeypox Grift

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with Friday’s UK Column News.

00:27 – Economic News

04:24 – Nuremberg Code Remembered 75 Years After Its Signing

08:24 – Persistently High Non-Covid Mortality

11:41 – Important Court Victory in US Court

13:20 – The Monkeypox Grift

18:55 – Ukraine Latest

25:13 – Crowdfunding the Weapons Trade In Ukraine

41:03 – Update on Christian Church Bombing

43:53 – MSM Propagandising For Online Safety By Exploiting Children

51:30 – GB News MSM-Lite Takeover?

53:18 – What’s Behind The Alex Jones Case?

56:06 – There Is No climate Emergency

59:43 – US Mid Term Elections and FBI Bombshell

01:05:03 – No One Interested in 9/11 Museum

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