The NHS Long Term Plan

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with the Wednesday’s news from the UK Column.

Topics in this video:

00:27 – UK Prime Minister’s UN Meet and Greet

05:31 – Economic Collapse Imminent

20:02 – How Does Overprescribing In a Closed Primary Care System Work?

29:30 – Military On The Streets of Scotland

32:44 – Scottish Ambulance Crisis Apparently Underpins Military Deployment

41:35 – The NHS Long Term Plan

57:07 – Petition To Call For Debate Totally Ignored

01:00:48 – Home Secretary Exploits Protest To Advance Policy

01:03:24 – MP’s Are Possibly Clueless For A Reason

01:08:39 – Sergei Skripal Story Drones On

01:12:20 – The Stefan Sutherland Case

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