The Number of Medical Emergencies In Crowds Never Seen Before

Brian Gerrish, MIke Robinson, David Scott and Katy-Jo Murfin with Monday’s UK Column News.

00:53 – Sue Gray Day

01:34 – CQC Regulated Vaccine Mandate U-Turn

03:17 – Sajid Javid Excited About More Pharmaceutical Products Released Prior To Trial Results Again

06:09 – The Royal Society Question Online Censorship? No, Of Course Not.

11:21 – Patrick Vallance Joins Natural History Museum

12:48 – BBC Acknowledge They Have been Wrong For 18 Months As NHS Destruction Continues

16:40 – Canadian Protests

22:26 – WEF Admit they Have Agents In Government Cabinets Around The World

29:01 – The Number of Medical Emergencies In Crowds Never Seen Before

30:15 – Liz Truss Leading On Global Geostrategy For Ukraine

53:54 – Net Zero Trillions No Problem Apparently

56:33 – The Problem Of Not Enough Co2

59:41 – Joe Rogan, Spotify, Censorship and Propaganda

01:07:45 – Challenging Covert Psychological Manipulation

01:12:17 – Limited Rights For Belief?

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