Child Vaccines – It’s Time to Start Questioning Everything

“In the real world, any one of those medical papers would have halted the rollout.” Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen on child Covid vaccination. This is from The Mark Steyn Show’s vaccine special, which you can watch exclusively at SteynOnline: (Mark Steyn/YT)

‘It’s Time to Start Questioning Everything,’ Including the Childhood Vaccinations

Steve Kirsch: “[I asked Andrew Wakefield], ‘Do the unvaccinated kids do 10% better, 20% better in terms of the health outcomes and so forth?’ And he said, ‘Oh, no! Not even close. It’s like 10x.’ 10x.”

Dr. Ryan Cole: “If you look at under the reign of Fauci for 40 plus years, where childhood chronic diseases and illnesses have gone from 6% to about 54% as we’ve added more and more layers of shots onto those schedules. And again, they’ll say ‘Correlation isn’t causation.’ Well, not a single childhood vaccine was ever tried in their clinical trials against placebo.” (Coinsmith/Bitchute)