The Scam Continues

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:29 – Russian Moves In The Ukraine

27:20 – The Western Media Spin Machine

41:53 – Tory and Labour Fondness For Russian Money

48:58 – The Lifting of the Covid Restrictions But Not The Methodology

50:47 – The NHS Backlog

51:22 – The Financial COVID Money Game

52:23 – UKHSA Get Swanky New Building At Porton Down

54:37 – MEPS Call For Von der Leyen’s Resignation

01:02:10 – The Scam Continues

01:17:51 – Tudeau’s Off the Charts Hypocrisy

01:25:57 – Local Resistance to SDGs In Australia and The US

⁣Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Kety Jo Murfin with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:25 – Western Sabre Rattling at the Munich Security Conference

20:08 – BBC Reporting of Ukraine

31:52 – Canadian Freedom Convoy

52:26 – What Will Living With Covid Look Like?

57:22 – Human Right Act Reform

57:59 – No sign at all of a Pandemic In Ireland

59:04 – Bill Gates At the Munich Security Conference

01:03:17 – More Inconvenient Data For the Covid Narrative

01:07:38 – Austria Rethinks Mandatory Vaccination

01:08:14 – Bill Gates Think Masks Are the Same As Trousers

01:10:00 – BBC Media Action Push For Vaccine Uptake

01:14:33 – the Normalisation of Paedophilia

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Wednesday’s (18 Feb) UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:21 – Canadian Protest Funding Hack

28:21 – Lords See A CBDC Opportunity For UK Lead Global Regulation

34:50 – Weather As Fear Porn

46:03 – Ukraine and Russia

58:50 – NATO Defence Ministers Meeting

01:04:20 – Super Bubble Crash

01:06:58 – the Inflation Stealth Tax

01:11.17 – Attack On the 2nd Amendment

01:14:03 – Disappearing Jab Data

01:15:57 – Vaccine Induces HIV Susceptibility?

01:25:14 – Some Encouraging News

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