The Time to Wake Up Is Now!

Comment by R M McIntosh:

This is an explanation of what is actually happening that many people fail to realize. If prices of gas and electricity were really going up, the energy companies profits would have been hit and would have fallen until prices to customers were increased. This didn’t happen. Instead, their profits have rocketed. So…

  1. Russia isn’t responsible for the prices going up.
  2. The energy companies aren’t responsible either.
  3. The government is squarely 100% responsible for the price rises as Ofgem, who set the price cap (i.e. increase the cost), is a government entity.

It is the government that is doing this to people and businesses, deliberately. Why? Look up Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum and the ‘great reset‘.

The time to wake up is now!

Energy Crisis - Bob Moran

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