The Truth Be Told – Together We Will Prevail

By Ray Wilson

I haven’t listened to BBC Radio 4 in over three years, but by chance the station was on the shop radio. I was surprised to hear a presenter on the Today programme mention that the I Paper, published on March 24th, had an exclusive article on vaccine injuries. The article by Paul Gallagher tiptoed around the subject, saying the vaccine is credited with “protecting” millions and reactions are extremely rare. It mentioned that 81 people had died and 364 had suffered severe reactions. Families whose loved ones died or suffered severe reactions have filed a lawsuit against AstraZeneca. We are reminded by our caring government that “All vaccines being used in the UK have undergone robust clinical trials and have met the MHRA’s strict standards.”

Andrew Brigden’s speech outlining vaccine concerns to a nearly empty parliament showed the true nature of our so called representatives. Politicians scurried out like cockroaches abandoning a sinking ship, and any interested in remaining were shooed out of the chamber. They are running from the truth, pretending not to hear and not to know, and yet their guilt is obvious to all. Shame on them, but the greater shame is on our shoulders. We must not let this be. If they do not perform their sole function of representing their constituents, they are unfit for duty and must resign. Why is it that when there is a debate on war, mass killing, or mobilising weapons, money, and resources, the house is packed with politicians, like sardines in a tin, and there is more than a whiff of fish, but there is only standing room only? Nobody wants to know about a debate investigating vaccine injuries and preventing deaths.

Andrew Brigden may be a lone voice in the wilderness, but he is strong and true, and he has a lot of people behind him. Andrew Brigden was instrumental in helping 39 sub postmasters, who were wrongly accused, have their convictions overturned after years of cover-ups and denials from the government and post office. This led to innocent people being jailed and hundreds of other hard-working individuals losing their livelihoods and good names. The Justice for Sub postmasters Alliance has been highlighting that evidence is being hidden from the courts and justice system in order to protect the Post Office. Even when the Post Office and government ministers knew the Horizon System was flawed, they covered it up and spent hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayer money to defend the indefensible, allowing individuals to go to prison and others to have their lives ruined.

Our Uber driver told us about Sadiq Kahn, the Mayor of London, and how he wants to expand his ultra-low emission zone to the whole of London. This means a £12.50 daily charge for any vehicle driven in London that doesn’t meet the ULEZ standard. It was Saturday morning in Brixton Town, and it was buzzing. “If I didn’t have this job, I could not afford to have this car; it would have to go,” he said.
“Karnage is the one who needs to go,” he concluded.
He was adamant that the cost of upgrading to a ULEZ compliant vehicle is too high for many other drivers as well.

We walked past the Eternal Flame at New Scotland Yard along the Victoria Embankment on our way to Parliament Square. The eternal flame commemorates those who have lost their lives in the police service. I looked at Trev, and we wondered if everything might commemorate the lives lost to vaccine injuries in the future. We hurried on, following my wife, towards Parliament Square.
“You can’t tell me that’s a coincidence, can you?” said Trev.
My wife and I looked across the road; the whole area was cordoned off, and a team of contractors laid out the rolls of turf as the team busily prepared the ground. There was a large group of protesters in front of the metal barrier. A Sikh gentleman explained to us that on the morning of March 18, 2023, Panjab faced state wide draconian measures in the form of internet shutdowns, search operations, police blockades, and the deployment of paramilitary troops. Sikhs who raise awareness about these atrocities are put in jail and tortured, where they remain indefinitely. He believed that India was another faltering democracy, and Sikhs, like others around the world, were having their rights removed by their own governments.

As we walked towards the bronze statue of Winston Churchill, we passed a group raising awareness about “red skin syndrome,” a debilitating condition caused by the inappropriate prescription of topical steroids. The prescribing of steroids for the treatment of eczema is routine, but their harmful side effects are ignored. Pharmaceutical multinational corporations also fund the regulatory bodies that are meant to oversee them. It all sounds very familiar and very incestuous. This highlights the issue of corporate influence in the healthcare industry and the need for more transparency and accountability. It is important for patients to be fully informed about the risks and benefits of any medication they are prescribed.
People assembled in the sunshine, flags flying, people carrying red roses, pictures of deceased friends and loved ones, and children killed and injured by the so called “vaccines.”

In Whitehall, opposite a large black-coloured bronze memorial with ‘The Women of World War II’ written on the side of it, Mike Yeadon, the former vice president at the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, gave several impromptu interviews to alternative media channels.
“I think people are starting to join the dots and realise that a lot of things that sound unlikely, like global warming and electronic digital currency and digital ID, are all linked up with COVID, surprisingly”. “It’s all part of a UN-organised takeover of humanity, no matter how bizarre it sounds. That’s roughly what’s going on.” Mike Yeadon also said that “Any celebrity that encourages people to take the vaccine is an unethical criminal—there are a few artists who have stepped up and insisted on vaccine passes for their concerts; I have burned their CDs and will not listen to anything they have done.”
As we walked past Piccadilly Circus, one of the onlookers said to a young police constable, “What is the protest about?” She answered quickly, “People are raising awareness about the severe injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines.”

We approached the BBC headquarters in Portland Place. I spoke to a woman who, 15 years ago, had been involved in the animal rights movement but whose focus had shifted to include human rights in the COVID era. She no longer watches television or reads newspapers and wants to resist digital currency, IDs, and fervently supports cash. People were here today from all around the UK and indeed from around the world. Two women who had travelled from Bedford were talking about the devastation, life changing injuries, and deaths the vaccination programme had caused in their local care home and how “residents were dropping like flies.” An Italian journalist was live streaming as the roses were placed outside the BBC building. She interviewed one of the three burly security guards behind the barriers. There was no coverage by the BBC that I was aware of. To the right of the BBC headquarters, against the backdrop of the building, several women held the “Truth Be Told” banner aloft.

As the sun shone on the glass facade, the imposingly large letters “BBC” hung over the entrance doors. Below, three women walked towards the entrance doors, stepping over the thousands of red roses that represented the tens of thousands of people who had suffered injury or death following the jab. The sun was about to set on the BBC. It was a stark contrast to the scene on the right, where several women were protesting with the Truth Be Told banner, highlighting the lack of coverage by the BBC on important issues. The protesters, some in wheelchairs and others struggling to walk, were determined to make their voices heard and bring attention to the issue at hand.
What has happened to us? Where are transparency and debate? Do the pharmaceutical giants or the globalists behind them control not only our government and legal systems but also the mainstream media and, by extension, our collective thoughts, here and around the world?

We all have different beliefs and ethnicities, but together we are strong; together we are many. We all want what is right, and together we will prevail.


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